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Free Healing Meditation

At your fullest potential...with no fears...

Who are you?


Your Authentic Self: Guided Meditation


Listen to the guided meditation above, where you will connect with your authentic self and receive clarity and renewed enthusiasm for being who you truly are. (This guided meditation is less than 45 minutes in entirety.) You may download the audio to listen on your own time and read use the questions below to reflect in your journal.


May you be blessed with peace.

Turn your attention inward...even more deeply inside...to find your authentic self.

What is most important to you in life? What do you value? What makes you happy? What makes you smile? Can you remember the last time you laughed?

Now consider what makes you who you are. Finding your authentic self involves learning who you truly are. Your authentic self is the real you, the person you are truly meant to be. Your authentic self is the person you are at your core, the person you can be if nothing holds you back.

Imagine the person you believe yourself to be right now. Now imagine you could strip away all the things that hold you back from your full potential. Imagine self-doubt dissolving...being replaced with confidence and self-assurance. Imagine all the things that get in the way of success...such as circumstances, lack of resources, lack of forgiveness, illness, baggage from the past...anything that is holding this person back in any way at all...

See these problems dissolving...disappearing...going away...

Now imagine yourself, standing in the empty room. What is left? Who are you when all those barriers are stripped away?

This person is you. Imagine who you are at the core...the pure character that is left when there is nothing to get in the way of complete self-expression.

Think of your desires...what motivates you? What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? What interests you and stirs your heart?

Think about your personality and your personal identity... think about the characteristics that are left when all barriers are removed and all fears have gone away.

At your fullest potential, your simplest form...with no fears...who are you?

Think about your energy...

Imagine something that makes you feel happy...what is it?

Think of some things you enjoy...things that you like to do...

Think about all the characteristics of the person who is left when all barriers and fears are removed.

Now create one final picture in your mind. Imagine, in as much detail as you can, the person you want to be. Imagine your ideal self...

How would this person behave? What does this person, your authentic self, value? What motivates this ideal self? What personal characteristics are present in this ideal version of you? Imagine all the details of the person you most want to be.

The image in your mind right now, of this ideal person, is YOU.

This is your authentic self. This is who you are. At the core, beneath all of life's getting in the way...this is you.

Now allow yourself to step inside this image, and fully become this person. Become who you are.

For this moment, just be...simply be your authentic self.

You have always been this person...you always will be your authentic self...a positive, confident person. Underneath the challenges, the baggage, the demands of living life...this is the real you that will always be with you.

Keep the image of your authentic self with you as you go about the rest of your day. Express this true self...and allow you to simply be you.

Thank you for being you. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

With Love,


Learning to navigate your experiences in a new way, without fear, without shame is how you will create what it is you so deeply crave.

Do you desire a deeper and more immersive experience?

Explore Chloë’s Private Mentorship programs and start your healing journey.


Walking the Path of Purpose Apprenticeship

Are you ready to go deep and discover your unique, soulful, intelligent, and meaningful place in the world? Discover your Soul Path through the wisdom of the Four Directions.

In this 5 month in depth immersion program you will learn healing techniques that combine earth based wisdom with modern neuroscience and methodology. You will learn to listen to your internal compass in order to guide you on the path that is right for you.


Energy Medicine Mentorship

Would you like to stop repeating unwanted cycles? Are you desiring to be fueled by passion and purpose? Are you ready to restore yourself after trauma, heartbreak or betrayal? Energy Medicine may be the tool you need to reclaim your unique vision, and recover the core strengths to put you on your path to empowerment. This work is designed to help you heal subconscious blocks to prosperity and fulfillment, & restore self-confidence.

If you’re ready to get the most out of life and go beyond traditional therapy techniques then this program is for you.


Journey into the Miracle of Your Awakened Awareness

When you learn to explore deeply you are opening to the ultimate possibility that is your life. Inner awakening opens the door to a truly unimaginable possibility. The potential of living a deeply awakened life is so magnificent and so far beyond most of what we see in the world that even when we taste it for ourselves, we often find it hard to accept that life could be this extraordinary.

In order to make room in ourselves for the miraculous to take root, most of us need to uncover and ultimately leave behind a deeply rooted fundamental insistence on a life of limitation.

This deeply rooted and often unconscious this belief in limitation infects even the most dedicated hard workers and subtly holds us back from taking the leap of trust required to live in freedom and true happiness.

In the Life Artistry Mentorship you will receive the structure and support needed to let go of all imposed doubt and limitation and step into a consciousness of unlimited possibility.

After a lifetime of depression, hope...
— Judy H

In this radical freedom from limitation, you will experience firsthand why this exploring deeply is not only a powerful doorway to awakening, but one of the essential qualities of living a truly inspired life.

This Type of Healing is Helpful When:

  • You feel stuck and frustrated, stressed out and paralyzed by self-doubt and worry

  • Find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns

  • Keep reliving the past with little hope for the future

  • Have a history of trauma, deep wounding or abuse that you are ready to shift

  • Have a sense of loss of identity after a traumatic life event

  • Feel energetically connected to a person or situation from the past

The Explore Deeply Process helps you to form a vision and create a real action plan to make future potentiality into manifest reality. We identify beliefs that are holding you back and use the Touchstone process to alchemize negative beliefs into active beliefs that work for you.

We reintegrate rejected parts of self, gather evidential signs of proof that the internal work is changing the external experiences, we use tools to initiate communication between your conscious and subconscious.

The Explore Deeply Process helps to establish a new prosperity paradigm based on personal fulfilment, where we integrate a healthy relationship to self expression, and beliefs around wealth, prosperity, and living life on purpose. 

  • Become a love magnet

  • Deepen your connection to abundance

  • Discover your true power & gifts

  • Get unstuck

  • Find your calling

  • Experience deeper relationships & greater intimacy

Engage your own unique sense of self, and express, integrate, and empower new self awareness that will serve you in experiencing greater health, personal freedom, and a truly prosperous life.

Maybe, after so many failed attempts you have decided that personal freedom, emotional control, and sustained happiness just aren't possible for you.

The Explore Deeply Self-discovery Process will connect you at a deeper level to source energy and help you to claim new levels of personal power and intuition so that you may fully express your authentic self, experience joy, and freedom.

You will receive one on one support and focused attention, unparalleled in the majority of other healing & coaching offerings.  Chloë's dedication to her clients and their success is unsurpassed in the Personal Development industry.

You will receive exponential benefits, and as a one on one client.

When you begin to come alive in your life again, you will have more energy and clarity to take inspired action. When you start to identify with your inner guidance, you feel more able, creative, and enthusiastic about your life.

Are you struggling with feeling happy and clear? Are you feeling stuck and hopeless when it comes to ever having peace in your life and feeling good in your body? Have you been struggling and trying to figure out what you are doing wrong?

Sometimes you just know that life is calling you to take a leap of faith and change your current circumstances, but you just don't know how.

You might know exactly what it is you’re meant to do in this lifetime, or you might not. 

Sometimes this feeling of being stuck begins to feel like a life crisis, and your fear becomes so strong you lose sight of what’s right for you.

Anything is possible once we find our own unique way of connecting with our divine source.

Once you find your own connection to your heart and your creative imagination the change you experience becomes visible, the internal shift creates external effects.

I believe you are here to leave a legacy and make an impact on the world. 

Chloë Rain: Founder of Explore Deeply… read more about Chloë’s personal story ➳  here.

Chloë Rain: Founder of Explore Deeply… read more about Chloë’s personal story ➳ here.

Together we will uncover your true desires.  I will support you, help you by nurturing your dreams, and I will personally take a stand for who you truly are, so that you may do what it is you were put here on this earth to do, by removing what is in the way of living the life of your dreams.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time who are committed to showing up 100% for each session, and who strongly desire to transform their lives and break through any limitations holding them back from living the life they have always imagined.

If you feel it's time to make a change, or move to the next level, but you just don’t know where to go from here, I have something special to offer you...

With these practices you will:

  • Break the grip of past pains

  • Heal your family karma

  • Release yourself from fear

  • Awaken to your greater potential

  • Heal subconscious blocks to happiness

  • Turn negative thoughts into gold

  • Get rid of your anxiety for good!

  • Learn to listen to your internal compass in order to guide you on the path that is right for you

  • Uncover your unique tools and keys to creating a life you love living

  • Overcome anxiety, fear & self doubt

  • Find meaning in your past failures

  • Believe in yourself again

  • Become powerful beyond belief

You will believe in yourself again...
— Erin H
Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed.

Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me.
— Lisa B
I love feeling the walls of my insecurities crumble to reveal the true gifts inside… what Chloë does is truly an inspired art.
— Natalina K
why am I alive? to explore deeply your reason for existence

I was a skeptic...

"In working with you my reward has been the freedom to discover who I am NOW, The ability to make mistakes, to not take myself so seriously. To approach this work with skepticism and work this through to freedom! Chloë not only gave me a meal, she taught me how to fish!"- LL

She saw things in me that I didn't know were possible...

I am so grateful for the person I have become as a result of coaching with Chloë. She is an inspirational and amazing Life Coach that compassionately guided me closer to myself and my dreams. She saw things in me that I didn't know were possible and helped me to believe in myself again. - KA

I didn't always know that change was possible...

"In the past, I have often wondered if someone can change so drastically in just a few short weeks, can anyone really change at all, and if so- can you expect the results to last? Not too long ago (only 2-3 weeks really), I was driving life with my foot on the brakes.  I am now at a point where I have experienced my power and feel its potential coursing through my veins.  I feel it in every step that I take.   It has already come back to me in small gestures, it is only a matter of moments that the physical floodgates open and the evidence becomes clear to the world of this change that I once had to wonder about being possible. " - NK

You will believe in yourself again...

When I was going through a very difficult time, Chloe's wisdom and techniques helped me get back in touch with myself and trust in my ability to improve my life.

Her teachings aren't about self-improvement but about finding the inner strength that has always been there.

You learn to see the circumstances of your life not as tragedies but as events propelling you to change and to bigger and better things. You will look at your life with more compassion and hope and believe in yourself again. - EH

A huge shift in my beliefs...

During the first 20 mins in session I was able to feel a huge shift in my subtle body, my beliefs and my vibration! My whole being is radiating with the unexplainable energy tingling through me. Chloë is a channel for transformation. - KB