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The Inner Authority Program addresses the essential pieces to living a completely fulfilling and happy life: self-worth and value = happiness and life purpose = prosperity and fulfilment. 

This program is designed to connect you to the voice of your Inner Authority, get unstuck, heal subconscious blocks to happiness, turn negative thoughts into gold, gain clarity on your divine plan, and get rid of anxiety forever! 

As a result of participating in this program, you will:

  • Understand ways in which your beliefs, and other factors are unconsciously influencing your life
  • Refine your internal guidance system and build internal capacities and habits, to manage the outer challenges of our lives
  • Experience a variety of transformative practices that expand awareness, increase mindfulness, reduce stress, and develop personal resilience
  • Fine tune those qualities that define your most authentic self
  • Develop communication and relationship skills to successfully handle emotions and difficult situations
  • Engage mind, body, heart, and spirit for optimal wellbeing

Explore how we can transform our lives, our work, our relationships, and our world in ways that empower us and promote health, life balance, and wellbeing.

Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed.

Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me.
— Lisa B
  • Learn to listen to your internal compass in order to guide you on the path that is right for you

  • Uncover your unique tools and keys to creating a life you love living

  • Overcome anxiety, fear & self doubt

  • Find meaning in your past failures

  • Believe in yourself again

  • Become powerful beyond belief

In the first part of the program we re-engage you with life and get you out of the fog you’re most likely living in. This is when you begin to come alive in your life again, have more energy and clarity to take inspired action. When start to identify with your Inner Authority, you feel more able, creative, and enthusiastic about your life, then you have in a long while.

inner authority creative wealth program

We identify beliefs that are holding you back and use my Touchstone process to alchemize negative beliefs into active beliefs that work for you. We reintegrate rejected parts of self, gather evidential signs of proof that the internal work is changing the external experiences, we use tools to initiate communication between your conscious and subconscious, and then using The Explore Deeply Process we begin to form a vision and create a real action plan to call future potentiality into manifest reality.

  • Break the grip of past pains
  • Heal your family karma
  • Release yourself from fear
  • Awaken to your greater potential
  • Heal subconscious blocks to happiness
  • Turn negative thoughts into gold
  • Get rid of your anxiety for good!

The second part of the program establishes a new prosperity paradigm based on personal fulfilment, where we integrate a healthy relationship to self expression, and beliefs around wealth, prosperity, and living life on purpose using the same processes. At this point in the program we will demonstrate evidential proof of the external changes taking place because of the internal shifts and you will have a clear vision and action plan based on the new awareness of your Inner Authority and purpose.

  • Become a love magnet
  • Deepen your connection to abundance
  • Discover your true power & gifts
  • Get unstuck
  • Find your calling
  • Experience deeper relationships & greater intimacy

Ready to be living a life on purpose, where you have a sense of security and happiness and your desires are in service to your highest good? Would you like to have a clear vision and action plan based on the greatest awareness of your Inner Authority and Life Purpose?

Working with Chloë has expanded what I thought could be possible in terms of building a business focused on serving people first so they can live their highest truth and be their best.

As someone who is in their first year out of the corporate tech world (Microsoft/Zulily/Amazon), having a mentor like Chloë has made all the difference: being able to both speak to one’s inner world and also help guide the practical steps to manifest this in their outer world.
— Victor O

Are you successful in so many areas of your life but are still struggling with feeling happy and clear? Are you feeling stuck and hopeless when it comes to ever having peace in your life and feeling good in your body? Have you been struggling and trying to figure out what you are doing wrong?

Maybe, after so many failed attempts you have decided that personal freedom, emotional control, and sustained happiness just aren't possible for you.

You may also be aware that there is something really missing from your life... confidence, peace, and a sense of joy that you feel is always just outside your reach. You know this affects every area of your life from your romantic relationships to your work and career but you just aren't sure what to do to see this shift.

The Explore Deeply self-discovery process will connect you at a deeper level to source energy and help you to claim new levels of personal power and intuition so that you may fully express your authentic self, experience joy, and freedom.

The number one factor that will determine the value you receive from this program is the level of openness your bring to each session and your commitment to receive healing, connect to your desires, and experience personal transformation. 

Chloë Rain, Founder of Explore Deeply

Chloë Rain, Founder of Explore Deeply

The Inner Authority program includes ~ 3 Months of Transformational Coaching/Healing with Chloë.

You will receive one on one support and focused attention, unparalleled in the majority of other coaching programs.  Chloë's dedication to her clients and their success is unsurpassed in the Personal Development industry. You will receive exponential benefits, and as a one on one client you will receive priority scheduling and rescheduling, unlimited email support, and follow up support as needed throughout the twelve week program.

I have the confidence and understanding how my life forever changes but my purpose is still the same.

I now live in each moment loving who I am, loving what I see, and loving what is!
— Melissa K

Together we will uncover your true desires.  I will support you, help you by nurturing your dreams, and I will personally take a stand for who you truly are, so that you may do what it is you were put here on this earth to do, by removing what is in the way of living the life of your dreams. I believe you are here to leave a legacy and make an impact on the world. 

If you are considering investing in healing work with me, I want to applaud your courage. This is a courageous choice and a huge step in your self development. 

I work with a limited number of clients at a time who are committed to showing up 100% for each session, and who strongly desire to transform their lives and break through any limitations holding them back from living the life they have always imagined.

The Inner Authority Program is designed to connect you to the voice of your Inner Authority, establish trust within, uncover and inspire desire, engage your own unique sense of self, and express, integrate, and empower new self awareness that will serve you in experiencing greater wealth, personal freedom, and a truly prosperous life. To determine if this program is right for you, schedule an appointment to meet with Chloë and explore what working together would look like. 

By releasing our negative patterns or emotions through coaching techniques and integrating new imprints, you will be able to break free of old patterns and consciously create your life from the place of clarity, fluidity, abundance, joy and fulfillment. 

Clients have used this teaching to:

  • Heal from a 40 year battle with depression, makeover their life, and get off medication
  • Learn to love again after 25 years of marriage ended in divorce when her husband left her for another woman
  • Have a lasting healthy relationship with food and alcohol instead of numbing out and binge eating
  • Legally rid themselves of $93,000 of debt that had been accumulated over the course of 10 years
  • Feel safe & secure after leaving an abusive relationship, even enjoy going out on dates again
  • Rediscover their passion for life and reason for living, successfully transition from an unfulfilling career to walking a path of purpose and prosperity

Your Personal Investment in the 3 Month Program:

Your Investment paid in full $1500 US

* Please note when you select the one pay option there is a $105 savings

Your investment paid in 3 monthly installments of $535.

Why not set up a free 30 minute consultation to see how this program could make a difference in your life? SCHEDULE TODAY! Sessions are available in person as well as remotely via private conference line or Skype for international clients.

The schedule for private clients is limited – email info@exploredeeply.com to reserve your mentorship space now.

Chloë Rain "exceptional master coach" & The Inner Authority Program as featured on the Examiner.com

Chloë Rain "exceptional master coach" & The Inner Authority Program as featured on the Examiner.com

What people are saying:

"Chloë Rain, is an exceptional Master Coach"  examiner.com

"The intensive structure of Rain's "Inner Authority" program are a kind of "cognitive metamorphosis" which may be demanding yet ultimately rewarding."

Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible...

I've done a lot of self-help, self-development work on my own, but somehow I hadn't ended up getting anywhere or feeling consistently happy.

I was ok, but life just seemed to keep on going, one day to the next. When I got hit with a big and unexpected life transition, I knew it was time for a change. But I had no idea what to do next.

Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed. I understand the truth of my existence at a deeper level and know how to source my inner strength. Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me, before my work with Chloë. — Lisa B

I started to understand my life...

Before I started working with Chloë, I was depressed, lost, and out of hope. I didn't believe that could ever change, but I was seeking. In six weeks I had this new awareness that I couldn't explain, things looked the same, but I felt different. I was shocked.

I hit a rough patch after that, but Chloë told me that was normal, and things would get better. Even though I still had bad days, I started to understand my life and who I had been all this time, and why. I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn't really being the person I wanted to be.  

I'm not sure I could have had this breakthrough alone. I would have thought I was going crazy, but actually I was getting to know myself, my true self, for the first time in my life. — Paul S

I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving...

Once I was feeling disconnected, confused and adrift.  As a result of working one-on-one with Chloë, life feels more purposeful, anchored and alive.

Initially, I was hesitant to make the financial commitment to a coaching/healing program.  I was stuck in the story of scarcity and competition.  

However, I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving.  The denial broke when I finally came to the conclusion that becoming the person I so longingly desired to be was dependent upon me being connected, grounded and tuned into my own self.  

Only then could I even begin to have the life experience I desired; "life artistry" sounded exactly like what I had been looking for.

Before working with Chloe, I was going through a geographical and emotional transition.  During that transition period, it was becoming clear that my “way of doing things” was not serving me any longer.  I had a tendency to focus on changing my external circumstances (i.e. travel, moving to new places) to fill an internal void, the novelty of which would inevitably ware off and disappoint. I was never quite content with being me in any given moment. Relationships would suffer and I would suffer. It was a maddening cycle.  I was ready to honestly look at myself and the walls I had built around my heart. 

Saying yes to Chloë’s Life Artistry Program was a watershed moment.  It felt like I had finally committed to an internal exploration that I had been tirelessly searching outside of myself for my entire life.  As the saying goes, the most difficult journey is from our head to our heart. I have developed a deeper, more consistent daily meditation practice which allows me to continually tune in, ground and love more authentically.

After just the first one-on-one session with Chloë, I knew that this was different from all the other paths I had taken before.  I felt deeply heard and energetically supported. 

I was looking for way to develop my intuition and trust again my inner compass.  As a result, Chloe held space and offered several tools that have stayed with me ever since.  This energetic toolbox has become a part of my daily life allowing me to recalibrate, re-center and remember that everything that I need is already within me.  I feel energetically lighter and now take informed action, trusting in the path that is uniquely mine. Deep bow to the unfolding journey... — Marlee F

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