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Beltane Fire Festival: Celebration of Life & Love : The Significance of Ritual In Our Lives

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Beltane and its celebration and the rituals that we as humans have performed for thousands of years has been about fertility, fire and passion, and bringing forth life and in preparation for an abundant harvest. 

As I fine tune my own personal cycles and soul path, digging deeper into the wisdoms of indigenous traditions, plant medicine, and connecting to the Ancestors, the more I have felt at home in my own body and in my life. I encourage you to tap into the ancient wisdom that also courses within you.

This time of year with the fullness of spring it seems to no surprise that the tiny ping of my heart, grows so loud as to pound out all other sound.

As I observe my own annual cycle of emotion, experience, energy, and transition... there seems to be recurring themes and certain seasonal patterns through the years. I continue to allow myself to be carried by the energetic waves, the ebb and flow of life, and more is revealed.

I love how ritual and coming together in circle can reconnect you to your truth while being with others helps you to truly celebrate the mystery of life and the wonder of it all....

I love how ritual and coming together in circle can reconnect you to your truth while being with others helps you to truly celebrate the mystery of life and the wonder of it all....

The recreating of ancient rituals has become popularized especially in our modern Western Culture, but the very individual and personal experience of participating in ritual can be life changing and life affirming.

Beltane Fire Ritual & Celebration

Beltane, whose past and present significance is steeped deeply in ritual rites of sexuality and fertility, celebrates the height of spring, and the coming of summer, the earth has warmed, and May 1st(ish) astrologically is the end of darkness in the sun cycle.

Beltane: The Fire Festival is celebrated as the symbolic union of the May Queen and the King of the Forest, and the marking of the light half of the year.

The constant buzzing of hummingbirds and the multitude of species of bees around my house, coupled with the constant chirping of frogs frolicking in the pond, and the endless chanting call of the Whippoorwill at night in search of his mate remind me that some noise is required to call in LOVE.

The drum beat of my soul, the pounding of my heart, the buzzing of my cells, and the singing of my heart song is what reminds me that I am alive, and well, and fertile, and ready for the union of my hearts desire.

There's no denying this time of year is ripe with the energies of abundance, passion, lust, fertility, sexuality, and pregnancy.

The constant drum beat of the internal longing to feel whole, alive, and on fire with desire. This pulsating and throbbing has only become more profound, more distinct, like a homing beacon. Love as a state of being, love, coupled with passion for life and purpose. The unquenchable thirst for love and desire for the unknown and magic of living.

What is on the unknown horizon of life, the unexpected fulfillment of desire in ways I couldn't imagine?

I feel pregnant with anticipation, so much so that my breasts ache. I stand in astute awareness and attention in the unknown.

I remind myself of a vow I have made "I surrender my personal will to divine will. I live in the present moment and seek only truth."

I pray for more magic, more surprise, more serendipity in my life.

Yes, this is when I feel more alive, when chance has its way with me and I realize that I'm very much more pleased with the flow and natural rhythm of my life, than I would have been with single focused and structured plans.

Uncertainty is a symptom of the arrival of magic, wonder and awe, the unknown is only the breath just before the Aaaah of AMAZEMENT.

Perhaps take some time today to acknowledge your desires, and perform your own unique ritual to consummate the union of your desire and the seed of life and energy of birth. Trust that the discomfort of uncertainty is only a mild symptom of the joy of pregnancy and the expectancy of new life!

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.
— Ursula K. Le Guin

Sunrise at Bealtaine by Irish Photographer: Ken Williams At the Beltany Stone Circle in the North West of Ireland, the sunrise at Beltane is aligned with the only decorated stone in the circle. The Beltany Stone Circle gets its name from Beltane which is associated with the lighting of hilltop fires in a rekindling of the sun.

The beginning of May, signifies one of the astrologically and historically important cross quarter dates of our calendar and the seasonal progression of the earth and growing seasons: Beltane or May Day celebration.

Beltane occurs 6 months after Samhain {Halloween}, and in the Celtic way of looking at the seasons marks the end of winter, the ‘dark’ half of the year, and the beginning of summer the ‘light’ half. Like Samhain, Beltane is a liminal (between) time, when the veil between the worlds of physical and nonphysical is thin- considered a good time for divination and particularly for seeing the Fair Folk (the Fae).

Beltane is one of the 8 sacred celebrations of the year and turning of the seasons : Imbolc; Ostara/Spring Equinox; Beltane; Litha/Summer Solstice; Lammas/ Lughnasad; Mabon/Autumn Equinox; Samhain/Halloween; Yule/Winter Solstice.

Beltane Fire Ritual & Celebration:

Fire and passion, love and life, brought together as one.

I am the earth, the womb of all creation.
Within me, new life grows each year.
Water is my blood, air my breath, and fire is my spirit.
I give you honor, and shall create new life with you.

I am the rutting stag, the seed, the energy of life.
I am the mighty oak that grows in the forest.
I give you honor, and shall create new life with you.

The earth is once more growing new life within!

We shall be blessed with abundance this year!

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